Doug Brode

From designing the alien props in JJ Abram's
STAR TREK, to creating his own TV show, FORBIDDEN SCIENCE, artist and writer Doug Brode has been a part of film, television, and the commercial world for over 12 years. His first job was while still a student, when he drew a LED ZEPPELIN comic book at the age of 17.  Then during college, he became interested in film after seeing Coppola's DRACULA, (a character Doug would later revisit when storyboarding VAN HELSING years later), and decided to switch his interests from the funny pages towards film design. When he was 27 he came to LA and became a runner for Joel Silver. During that time, the director of HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL was looking for a storyboard artist, and hired Doug. Afterwards, Doug soon found himself designing props for Tim Burton's reimagining of the PLANET OF THE APES, for which one of his designs is now featured in the TIM BURTON EXHIBIT, recently showcased at the LACMA museum.

 From horror films like
FRIDAY THE 13TH to THE DEVILS REJECTS, or comic book films like IRON MAN and THOR, Doug has had a hand in helping to design many of the biggest blockbusters of the last decade.   Warner Bros even hired Doug to help with the design for HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKHABAN marketing, which included thousands of designs for various products sold all over the world.


Doug also began writing screenplays, one of which,
ROGUE, caught the interest of HBO. Knowing that they would never give a 'nobody' their own TV series on HBO, Doug instead decided to capitalize on the opportunity by writing a series pilot for their sister network, CINEMAX. Mixing genuine science fiction with a fair amount of flesh, HBO green-lit the series just after Doug finished designing props for STAR TREK. Despite its extreme low budget of 2 million for 13 episodes, the series included many special effects based on Doug's designs, and with 11 out of 13 scripts written by Doug, he used the show as a way of looking at the advances of science, and was the very first TV show to center around the subject of cloning.  Doug gained a large amount of critical applause for trying something different within the 'late night' field on Cinemax.   This soon led to him signing with a new management and production company, CIRCLE OF CONFUSION. 

He then wrote another, far more ambitious, TV pilot entitled (at the time)
HOMELAND, which gained the interest of SONY TV, CHRIS COLUMBUS, E ONE, and several others.  That script (now called SHELLI) gained Doug enough word-of-mouth that he's been hired to write (or rewrite) several feature scripts, and is now in negotiations regarding another pilot.

Doug Brode continues to storyboard, and splits his time divided between film art jobs and writing - doing exactly what he loves to do.  Create.